As it has become possible to demonstrate and to attest these kind of radiation not only by the help of pendulums and baguettes, scientists, researchers and physicians finally affirm -after decades of back and forth- their existence and their hazardousness. Ultramodern electronic devices, such as the scintillations-counter, are capable to detect these electromagnetic fields and to visualize them on a monitor.

Do not forget: in bygone days cows, horses and sheep have been escorted on the future building site. Then they were strictly observed. Right there, where these mammals lay down to ruminate, „non-perturbed“ spots were detected by dowsers; except for: cats: they avoid „good“ places. They are delight in sleeping exactly on geopathic stress zones.

Today, unfortunately, an increasing excess of technology is stated even in rural areas. Unsurprisingly more and more persons complain about diseases which can exactly be referred to the influence of earth radiation and electric smog. For health reasons new methods for neutralizing and harmonizing those jamming sources are necessary.

With PHAROS II we dispose of a unique Tachyon device which reliably harmonizes those influences.

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