We are very pleased to present energized products, which are -in relation to the factors price, performance, ecology and innovation- market-leading since more than twenty years. BIOTAC Line© tachyon products promote personal well-being.

All studies that have been made with the products developed by our team prove that they feature a very interesting potential and a wide sphere of action.

We hope that we have piqued your interest for this exceptional energy form and look forward to welcome you among our satisfied customers !

Like the toothbrush, our products are applicable in the everyday life for personal protection and well-being.

>• TEC Line * e-smog protection devices
>• AQUA Line * energizing drinking water
>• FOOD Line * energizing food & beverages
>• PHAROS II * restorative sleep
>• MOTAC Line * driving more relaxed
>• SILICA-Sphere * cocooning
>• E*GATE Obelisk * autonomy and independence
>• Energy Cards * our little magic cards
>• TELEOIS-Monolithe * calm and well-being