Healthy food and healthy beverages = good life

In the course of mechanization, food as well as drinking water has been submitted in various degrees to distinctive industrial processing. Up until 150 years ago, at least we ate almost only natural food, if at all: with no interlude of industrial processing, farming products arrived directly fresh to the table.

Even at that time the most important food in Europe was the same as it is now: vegetables, fruit, bread, potatoes, meat, dairy products and eggs. Over the past decades, all alimentary products were taken into a process of industrialization. We may suppose that this laid a foundation to many nutritional diseases.

As these days food often doesn't have a "good vibration", we offer specially designed Tachyon Products for vitalizing food & beverages.

Almost all feed-backs from persons who get for the first time in contact with our products are as alike as two peas in a pod: the flavour of the coffee is better, vine is more digestible, water is softer, etc. etc.

Allow yourself to convinced too from the efficiency of our products! All the studies which have been made with our products shows only one part of the coin: you as user determine finally, if our declaration is true or not.