Energizing food and beverages at home

Nowadys food and beverages are mainly stored in refrigerators and freezers. As these technical devices are operated by electricity, electric and electromagnetic radiation is surrounding them in- and outside. As a result, the biological quality of the products is affected both in the super market and at home.

In order to energize food and beverages stored in refrigerators and freezers, we recommend to use the orange colored FOOD CARD Midi; to do so, just put it in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator. If used for energizing food and beverages stored in freezers, just put the card inside on the bottom. It can also be used to energize food stored on kitchen cupboards.

The color orange helps to stimulate the digestion. Both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurweda Medicine use the knowledge about this color and the medical effects about orange colored gems to harmonize physical diseases which arise from the organs of this part of the body.

Consumimg food and beverages which have been vitalized is much more healthier !

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