Harmonizes E-Smog at home and at your work place !

Electric smog is not only generated by mobile phone antennas, power lines, satellite dishes and and lines for tram, trains and buses: Electric smog surrounds us also in our living area and workspace. E-Smog is not only emitted by all the plugged in electric and electronic devices but also by all the electric leads that are laid in the walls.

As those cables primarily are made with isolated cupper wire you might imagine, that in your own walls lots of antennas are to be found.

You can therefore be assured that all the electric leads on one hand interfere with all the plugged in devices (lamps, TV, radio clock, refrigerator, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, etc.) in your living area and in your work place.

On the other hand the electric leads resonate with all signals that penetrate from outside the buildings, such as: radio, TV, mobile phone signals, Wi-Fi, etc. etc.


: Fix the laminated SITAC Card with a scotch tape inside the fuse box or stick the card directly on the fuses. The cards might also be placed directly behind the electric meter. Their virtues never cease to amaze all users !