Ingeniously protection against external E-SMOG !!!

The blue IMERA-Disc has been developed to repolarize electromagnetic radiation that penetrates from outside into buildings:

* train power lines
* mobile phone antennas
* power lines
* parabolic antennas / satellite dishes
* tramways and trolleybus lines

Weather you refuse to believe it or not: it works ;-)


In order to protect you from the mentioned external influences, the IMERA-Disc (diameter 26cm) is to be placed inside the building (on the wall or window pointing against the perturbing jamming source.

It is very gratifying to see that more and more companies are convinced about the virtues of our Tachyon products and easily accept the positive and verifiable effects of our SITAC CARDs and IMERA-Discs. Organic farms affected by newly placed power lines and antennas gladly confirm the astonishing positive effects: especially the concerned cows ;-)