Ideal for persons who work day after day in front of computer screens !

The impetus for the realization of this pendant was made by request of a large number of our customers. Lots of them who bought the GOLD CHIP, did not content themselves equipping their smartphones, but were looking for a pendant, featuring has the same characteristics as the GOLD CHIP.

Today we are very pleased to present the GOLD*STAR pendant who entirely meets their requirements.

This pendant: a) protects against electric smog … and b) features other interesting virtues.

Additional features: As this pendant is made from 24carat plated brass and integrated in pure crystalline silicon, calming, grounding and protecting properties may be attributed. Gold features properties that are published in the GOLD CARD description.

Materials: pure crystalline silicon, brass 24carat gold-plated
sterling silver loop
Diameter: 30mm