Probably the most interesting Energy Card of our assortment ?

This little credit card sized tachyon product is tried and tested since 1996 and amazes on every occasion throughout its mighty and lightful potential ! The frequency of this color is known to transform all kind of energetic structures; as known since centuries from the amethyst.

Thanks to a vast number of feed backs, reaching us since its introduction, we can acknowledge the following virtues: pain-relieving, stress-relieving, promotes self-healing processes, in case of injuries, contusions and swellings, helpful in case of respiratory diseases, encourages the coping with bereavement, restorative and deep sleep (to be put under the pillow).

All persons, without exception, using the VITA CARD for this purpose are absolutely astonished about its virtues. Quite often one of the partners reports that it works even if the other partner doesn’t know that the card has been placed under the pillow or the mattress.

Water that has been vitalized with the VITA CARD is very suitable for facial care and in case of skin impurities. Also very interesting in case of migraine and tensions due to stress. As already stated: never leave home without it ;-)

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