Take advantage of the various properties of silver !

As tachyons primary transmit information one can produce so-called „silver-water“, which offers a similar potential as known from colloidal silver.

In the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century colloidal silver was considered as an important medicament, but faded into obscurity over the course of time. However, colloidal silver is to be considered as a private clinic for everybody, a hospital for your personal luggage.

Colloidal silver is also described as “second immune system” and as “natural antibiotic“. The renaissance for colloidal silver has already begun. More and more people bethink one selves of this effective method to treat infectious diseases. As silver is known as precious metal with a fantastic electric and thermal conductivity it is highly qualified to transmit the potential of tachyon energy.

Aside from the fact, that „silver-water“ tastes better than normal tap water, it is proven, that this water strengthens the whole organism. One can easily verify the positive effect with the aid of a muscle test (kinesiology). > read the feedback !


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