Green is the most powerful color for regenerating !

With the GREEN CARD one can produce energized drinking water, which offers a similar potential as known from homeopathic chlorophyll.

Energized chlorophyll offers a variety of positive effects. Similar to an antioxidant it acts antibacterial and strengthens the immune system. The oxygen remains for a longer period in the brain cells and helps to improve concentration. Additionally it is capable to eliminate carbon dioxide, to release oxygen and to kill anaerobic bacteria.

And, last but not least, it is known for eliminating toxins from the liver.

Green is the colorfrequency which represents the center of the human body. Objects with this color therefore are perfectly suited for balancing the whole body & all organs. Green procures a feeling of width and is associated to the hearth, the lungs and to the back as well.

The frequency of green helps -scientifically and biologically proven- to promote convalescence and would therefore be a very important color for the interior of hospitals and clinics. Meanwhile it is scientifically proven that the frequency of this color is able to grant great services in case of cancer and liability to infectious diseases.

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