Ingenious for vitalizing food and beverages !!!

In order to quickly energize food & beverages, we developed the credit card sized FOOD CARD: just put the tachyonized card directly under the glass or under the plate. Very interesting application if wine, coffee or other acid beverages or comestibles are consumed.

If, for example, this little card is put under a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, the acidity will be reduced; these liquids will therefore taste “rounder” and more tasteful. Furthermore food will be easier to digest. And, in turn, will help to discharge the whole organism from stodgy ingredients. Especially persons who dine out very often appreciate the efficacy of the little “orange helper”.

Handy advice: do not forget to put it back into your wallet after dinner ;-)

In order to energize food and beverages stored in refrigerators and freezers, we recommend the orange colored FOOD CARD Midi.

In the Indian and Chinese medicine, the region of the lower abdomen is associated to the color orange. Why don’t you just try to place the little FOOD CARD on your navel if something sits heavenly on your stomach? It might sound exaggerated, but this little card helped lots of woman to ease menstrual pain!

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