Copper features outstanding antimicrobic properties !!!

The trace element copper accomplishes different tasks in the human body: it is involved in creating the red blood cells and plays an important role for the function of the central nervous system. Enzymes containing copper protect cell membranes from damages by free radicals and represent therefore an important antioxidant. Furthermore copper has diverse roles in biological electron transport and oxygen transportation.

With the COPPER CARD one can produce so-called „copper-water“, which offers a similar potential as known from homeopathic copper.

As far back in ancient Greece the antimicrobic effects of cupper were well known.

Today scientific researches clearly prove that this metal is an ingenious killer of germs. Generally speaking, a misbalanced copper level in the body normally triggers inflammation processes. Slight copper values are often to be found with the following maladies: cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, gastritis, constipation, cardiac insufficiency, hypertension and hypotension, cardiac arrhythmias, eczemas, paradontosis and bronchitis.


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