Has it ever happened to you that by entering a room, in which recently a quarrel did take place you perceived: Trouble's brewing!? Can you imagine that persons and families living in apartments, respectively houses, in which lots of conflicts took place (before they moved in), will maybe experience similar situations?

Emotions and other energies characterize apartments, houses and even cities if they are regularly impregnated with recurrent "patterns". Walls, ceilings, floors, objects: everything absorbs the energies that have been generated in the house.

Let's turn back a bit the march of time: How has the construction of the property been handled? Everything okey-dokey ... or have anger and stress been omnipresent ? You can assume that the preparation and the construction work may have an impact on the residents of the property; both in the positive and negative sense.

Let's turn back the march of time even more and let's try to analyze the history of the site on which the property is located today: if on the site or in immediate proximity somebody has been a victim of a violent crime, or if there used to be a graveyard … you can assume that those aren't for sure the best circumstances for building a house.

If you have read the information of the Liberation Ritual, you should be capable to purify such polluted places. You can apply more or less the same affirmations; save that now you should exactly transmit to E*GATE Obelisk what there is to do.

Place the E*GATE the way that its four lateral sides (not the corners) are arranged analogous to the four cardinal directions (north/south and east/west) … and take pot luck of its lightfull potential!

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