Since more than 15 years we notice that more and more people no longer feel too comfortable in one's skin and many of them think that they are being manipulated by "unseen forces". Kindly note that we are not talking about persons suffering from mental health problems; it involves people from all type of profession and people of all ages.

Unfortunately, more and more children are to be found amongst them.

Application: Place the E*Gate Obelisk in front you … and please take enough time for this ritual (perhaps a large glass of water and something to mumble?).

After all, it's about to break free from old, rigid and hindering structures. Relax and do not forget: it's worth taking some time to do it!

The energy surrounding the E*GATE Obelisk may help to clarify "things" and manifest harmony at all levels. Imagine during the ritual that the E*GATE Obelisk acts as an ambassador between you and a wonderful luminous energy source. If you prefer you can imagine that this tachyonized sculpture has the ability to connect your soul with your guardian angels, God, Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, Manitou, Mother Earth, El Morya, Buddha or any other "person" which is at your disposal to support you without provisos.

Apply the E*GATE like a microphone, speak to him, "confess" him, communicate and have fun doing it. Do this as if the "person" that you have selected, sits in front of you. Share everything that depresses you, all your problems. Do not be afraid, you are all among themselves and nobody is judging or condemning! Take advantage of this precious moment.

If you think you have said it all, take the E*GATE in your hands, lift it up and speak with a clear voice: "Thank you helping me to solve the problems discussed. Thank you! "Afterwards we advise you to place the E*GATE to a harmonious place in your home.

Yes, yes ... you can integrate other subjects, give thanks to it and take it in your hands. We advise you not to repeat your requests: be 100% convinced that this "Energy Ambassador" immediately forwarded your requests and prayers! If you prefer or if you wish ... you can note your wishes on a sheet of paper, fold it and place it under the E*GATE. Besides: it perfectly lends itself to transmit lightful wishes.

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