When using tachyon energy for water treatment, the following positive effects will result: 1) Nitrates and other detrimental components as heavy metals are re-structured, so that they can make only little contact with organic material. 2) The vibrational frequency of water is highly augmented.

On the occasion of diverse assessments with a Bio-spectrograph, the predominant value of normal water is 82 BEU (bio-energetic units). Quality mineral water show values of around 220 BEU. Water revitalized with tachyon energy runs up to 14'000 BEU! 3) "Left-hand spin" water (strain to the organism) is re-polarized to "right-hand spin" water (strengthens).

The analyses of a big study, conducted by Hagalis Association (German Research Laboratory), during which more than 350 systems for vitalizing drinking water have been tested, did show that: regarding quality, efficiency, economy and price our systems have been rated top grade !


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