Food and beverages that have been prepared with vitalized water taste better and are a much healthier !!

This tachyon device is a 24carat gold plated aerator with ball joint, suitable for all faucets with M22x1 and M24x1 threads. It therefore fits to most current faucets and vitalizes the tap water.

Compared with conventional aerators, the AQUIVATOR saves up to 40% of water and energy and convinces with an agreeable and smooth ray. For those who like to calculate: within a few months the purchase of an AQUIVATOR will easily be amortized !

The AQUIVATOR may be used for taps with an internal thread or alternatively for taps with an external thread. If you prefer, you can unscrew the ball-joint and apply only the golden part: it is ensured that the tap water will be highly energized !

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