Refreshing shower experience !!!

In order to benefit from vitalized water whilst having a shower, we developed the AQUAJET. A great number of users notice in a short time, that skin and hair feel noticeable more vital after installing the AQUAJET. The AQUAJET saves up to 25% water and energy and represents therefore a significant tool for supporting the environment. Tachyonized water feels softer !

Thanks to the structural chemical and biological modification of the water by the bias of the tachyon energy, customers states over and over that nasty lime scale can be considerably diminished. The AQUAJET suits for all standard fittings with 1/2" connection. Despite its moderate economization rate, the comfort whilst having a shower is nevertheless granted. Unsuitable for unpressurized boilers !

The vitalizing and refreshing effects of the AQUAJET lasts for many years !

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