Since the beginnings of our activity in 1995 we state again and again, that the acceptance towards our products on the part of science often fails due to their mental blockages. It is -at least for us- very important to spread all information about Tachyon-Energy and Tachyon-Technology and to underpin it by informative physical proves.

With a smirk we admit that this difficult endeavor has been made possible thank to the help of external laboratories: all studies published on our homepage were realized without exception by independent research laboratories and prove clearly the effectiveness of our BIOTAC LINE© products.

We must not forget, that leading scientists claimed at the end of the 19th century the ridiculous argument that if a steam locomotive drives faster than 30km/h, the whole train would implode (the opposite of explode) ! Too sad, that not one of those distinguished experts is alive and able to experience the feeling, traveling with the Japanese maglev train MLX01 at a speed of 580km/h !

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