In order to receive more details about the constant disinformation about the harmfulness of electromagnetic pollution we decided in 2001 to contact two internationally renowned and independent specialized laboratories. While the laboratory Germany did apply a relatively unknown technology for such analysis, the English laboratory did examine blood samples from subjects.

In June 2004 we contacted another specialized laboratory in Switzerland which received national and international awards for their work. This laboratory applied the crystal photography, developped by the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto.

All analyzes prove impressively that the GOLD CHIP -developed by us in 1996-
is capable to influence the harmful electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones.

> E-Smog-Study * Coghill Laboratories [2 911 KB]

> E-Smog-Study * EWB Laboratories [2 899 KB]

> E-Smog-Study * HAZ Laboratories [2 986 KB]